To make reusable components collaborate, there is always need for (not reusable) programming, regardless of the programming language to be used. This code is commonly called ‘glue’-code. By using specialised languages (coordination languages), this programming can be avoided. Such a coordination language, Manifold, has been developed by Dr. Farhad Arbab of the Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science in Amsterdam (in Dutch : CWI). (For more information on Manifold)

In co-operation with Coordination Languages Theme (SEN3) at CWI, AP has succeeded in integrating The Activator and Manifold. The result of this integration is a graphical tool, the Designer. The Designer reduces the effort involved with the (re)combination of components, to a simple point-and-click exercise, even if these components are actively being used in a live environment. No language, No Syntax, No compilation, No programming !! Moreover the tool allows for the collaboration between components if they are running on different machines: At last, true Client/Server.